Saturday, May 19, 2012

~cool 75 degrees~

I don't know why but this morning it was really nice so i got dressed and took some pictures of my outfit...ahah wow i'm so awkward but oh welli just wanted to make a post about the nice weather we've been having all of the sudden, and i can't wait for this summer weather!! I have finals in 10 days and then school ends on june 5th, so i can't wait!! i don't have many summer plans but i do have some and i'm super excited! when i'm older though i really want to go on a roadtrip across the us and just have so much fun but i can't drive ughwell i hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far! unfortunately tomorrow is sunday which sucks but oh well. oh and if you ever need music to listen to please click here: it's this playlist i made of a bunch of my favorite songs.enjoy it!!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

and the countdown beings~

Click the song and then proceed :)

alright i decided to play a song because i've enjoyed it for so long and i would love for other people to have some new good songs to listen to! and this song makes me kinda excited for summer... oh so if you have any songs you'd recommend, please take a moment right now to scroll down and give me the link to the youtube or names of them thank you

okay so this blog post today is sort of pointless
i finish school in a month! so excited for it all to be over and summer to be here

so my theme of the day is summer

i'm hoping for a really fun summer filled with a bunch of excitement and stuff. i don't want to sit home and be bored i wanna travel and go places and tan and meet new people and swim and meet some boys and stuff. read a nice book by the ocean and tanning. ugh sounds so ideal right now wow. i just want to have really fun and look back on it saying "that was the best summer yet" because recently i haven't been that able to say that. so anyone have any plans for the summer? counting down the days~~