Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas and a happy hanukkah! ~

merry christmas everyone! and i hope for you jewish people, you're having a happy hanukkah! i hope it's all been great and you received the presents you asked santa for ;)

so far i've gotten:
from my grandma: this pretty animal print scarf, gloves, $30
from my parents: 10 lottery tickets- i won $, and i'm receiving an iphone soon (i celebrate both holidays, so i don't mind getting it a few days later than christmas), and books. i'm also gonna go shopping soon or get some clothes online
from my aunt and uncle: amazon gift card...
rude that my other relatives didn't bother with anything...oh well
i'm pretty happy with all my presents. i definitely feel fortunate enough to get them because there are kids out there who don't have the same privilege as's a shame they don't get presents or anything.

feel free to comment and tell me what you got from your family/friends!
have a good december break everyone!

i just want to travel the world ~

if i had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be wanderlust. honestly, all i want to do in life is travel the world. i think it's just so interesting and i'm missing out on so much by not traveling enough. the problem? money. my parents never feel like paying for plane tickets or anything. for hanukkah/christmas i asked for plane tickets to australia or somewhere in europe, but nope. not getting those. they refused. so, i have the chance to do one of these cross-country summer trip things. and pretty much all my choices are in australia/figi, africa, spain, hawaii, ecuador/galapagos but good luck paying for those mom and dad. no, i don't feel like staying here my whole life, i want to travel the world and see everything that i'm missing out on that's beautiful because there's just so much out there that i don't get to see. i know i'm rambling, but it's honestly my passion. if i could live in another country, i would in a heartbeat. hmm, maybe i'll do a roadtrip with my friends one summer once we can drive. that'd be so fun, now that i think about it! and when i graduate from college and that's so many years..i'm either getting a job involving traveling or just doing it on my own because it's all i really want to do with life. it frustrates me that my parents don't appreciate this stuff like i do and they don't feel like visiting other places like i do. but i guess that's just something i have to learn to live with and later in life be able to say "fuck it" to and do whatever i want. the u.s. sucks. i want to be in some cool country that isn't labeled as obese people that are stupid. oh well...thats all i can say.
if you live in some cool country that's not america, comment where you live cause i'm definitely jealous!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

life ~

oh my this picture/sentence discribes my life right now.

i got on winter break today, and i just feel like sitting home for the whole thing and not moving or seeing anyone because honestly, everyone at my school just seems to piss me off lately.

speaking of people pissing me off, hanukkah is starting today and i have NO idea what i want as a present. honestly, i want plane tickets somewhere and i also want to go to florida with my friend during winter break, but my mom doesn't feel like paying for tickets or anything because i guess we're poor now or something like that? i don't fucking know. but it bothers me. and i want a present, but i'm too undecided about what i want because i'm trying to prioritize. oh well i'll probably get nothing. f this

while i'm at it, this picture showed up on my newfeed on facebook yesterday and i wanted to start crying. 

AH I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS SO MUCH I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME BACK! AND I LOVE EZRA SO MUCH AND ARIA IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. she has such an amazing fashion sense and she's so pretty and lovely! i don't think you understand how obsessed i am with her. and ezra is super sexy and i wish i have a teacher like that one day. and them together: perfection. they're pretty hot together, not trying to be weird or anything, but you gotta admit it.

cravings ~

i guess if it's not obvious enough, i love food.
no this doesn't mean i'm obese, but FOOD IS MY LIFE.
anyway, i was on tumblr and i noticed how good all this looks and i need to make it all asap

mmm eyegasm. i sort of want to bake more i wish i was talented in baking.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

i don't think anything else can describe my life better ~

oh my god i saw this on my dashboard on tumblr, and it's such a gpoyyyyy. wow this is the greatest thing ever. anyone else relate? no? ok

vibrant ~

i love colors that pop. like yellows, oranges, pinks and all that stuff. i think it not only makes the outfit more interesting but it makes you different. i don't i just really like can you not like it! look:

Friday, December 16, 2011

perfect combination ~

i think that black and gold are two colors that, when combined (or not combined), are perfect together. it can be so classy yet so casual. look:

even though you probably won' should comment and tell me if you agree or what you think are two colors that go perfectly together ;)

beauty ~

not really sure what to post about, so i'm just gonna put up random pictures from tumblr that i've seen and become pretty much obsessed with
oh miles you never seem to disappoint me

skinny people

i've been in love with her pictures and blogspot

i wish i could draw...

delicious tasting & looking food

ryan gosling

the most beautiful girl i've ever seen.

i want to do this....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels ~

now a day society is all about appearance.
being someone who definitely loves food, it's disappointing to have to live with this.
i go through every day of my life wondering if i should have that extra cookie, that extra piece of food that i just want because i enjoy eating.
but i want to be skinny...
i want guys to look at me and wonder "damn who's that girl?"
i want to be noticed for once...
is it because i have brown hair and not blond?
is it because you can't see my bones like other girls?
is it because i'm not pretty?
is it because i don't feel like straightening my hair every day and wear it natural?
society created this image that girls have to live up to
this image that guys expect ever girl to look like.
society sucks for doing this.
i want to be appreciated for me
but at the same time, i need to like myself
and the only way to like myself is to look like one of those models or beautiful people.
but it's okay i guess...maybe one day i'll have the traits of these beautiful people..

maybe i should dye my hair blonde?
i don't know...
i just know that no one will be happy with me unless i'm happy with me..
and i'm not.

it's about variety ~

there's a kid in one of my classes who said he doesn't like it possible?
music is something indescribable. i want to say it's my life, because it pretty much is, but it also gives me these feelings. depending on what song i'm listening to i can be happy..sad...mad..excited and all these other emotions.
but i'm not one of those girls who listen to those stupid top 20 songs on itunes. i actually find my own music, i love boy bands, i love all these old bands or solo artists. i absolutely despise people who only listen to all those over played songs about the same thing.
don't know why, but i felt it necessary to make a post about this and how music pretty much saves my life.
good taste in music? feel free to talk to me ;) and feel free to please comment some good songs that you recommend! xo

Thursday, December 8, 2011

things that describe my life ~

so...i haven't been on blogspot in such a long time! school's just adding up and i have so much work to do and i decided i would make a post about pictures that pretty much describe my life and how i feel about life

people who care about popularity, fuck off

story of my life

i want a boyfriend and need to know this.

what i aspire to have

paul wesley/sexy men/vampire diaries

beautiful people and pretty mascara

the need to be skinny


beautiful people that i aspire to be

beautiful sexy men i wish i could marry

pretty much my every day story

more sexy people

so, yeah...i hope that you enjoyed all these pictures that describe my life and hopefully i'll be able to come on blogspot more and make up for not posting for a while.. have a great friday and weekend! xo

Saturday, December 3, 2011

weekend ~

i don't feel like finding pictures and blogging about some person i'm obsessed with so i'll talk about my day and overall weekend. well, today i went to bloomingdales with my mom, grandma, and sister..woohooo girls day. i ended up buying a free people jacket- clearly i'm obsessed with free people. i then went to my friend emily's house and we hung out. so yeah, it was a pretty productive day i guess.

oh boy, tomorrow's sunday...i hate sundays. besides them meaning that school's the next day, i also have TONS of homework to do. i have a paragraph for a powerpoint to write, an essay, studying for tests/quizes, and just regular homework. oh and a huge test review- thank you science! so i'm going to have to wake up early and get on that as soon as possible.

oh and on friday i hung out with emily and ali and we watched friends with benefits. that movie is so good!! well i mean, i don't really think that the movie itself was really too great, but the actors. mila kunis and justin timberlake are both people that i love immensely, so them in one movie was just GREAT! i also watched monte carlo...that movie sucked. ahaha wow i should really get a life or hang out with guys or something. i want a boyfriend so bad... anyway. yeah. i guess my weekend was okay.. school's just really stressing me out recently and i need winter break.

speaking of winter break, i'm not sure if i should go to california or florida. if i go to california i'm going to be visiting my aunt, uncle, and favorite little cousin. i don't think we'd be in southern california like usual though...we'd be in some beautiful northern california place. and if i go to florida i think i'd be going to miami and stuff with my friend and possibly her i don't know what to do.

i also don't know what to ask for for hanukkah! should i get a fish eye lens? or like clothes? or money? or something else? shoes? i have no idea! my parents won't get me plane tickets to anywhere cool- australia, bali, figi, london, spain or anything so i have no idea what to ask for! 

oh well i'm just going to stop rambling and get an early sleep. well i mean...11:21 isn't early but yeah. all this darkness happening so early has been really getting me tired lately and i really need to catch up on my sleep that i miss out on all week. goodnight! xo

Friday, December 2, 2011

victoria tornegren ~

i can honestly say from the first day i saw a picture of victoria on tumblr, i've been obsessed with her. not only by her looks and her beautiful bleach blonde hair and perfect body and face, but her fashion sense. i don't know if you've ever seen her before, but she has amazing clothes- literally i want to buy them all. not only does she have AMAZING taste in clothing, her room seems pretty cool too! it's not really over done at all or anything..but i like how it's all white and then she has red roses. it seems like the perfect touch of color to her room. well, if you don't know who victoria tornegren is, here's the beautiful girl:

(pictures from google)

i can honestly say that she's my inspiration and i sort of really want to be her.