Thursday, December 1, 2011

winter wonderland? ~

well look what the wind blew in...december!

i'm actually excited for several reasons. december means: winter break, hanukkah, christmas, and half the school year is pretty much over. although i'm not really into snow (the shoveling part of it) i really enjoy how it looks- it makes everything so pretty- and i'm excited to pull out all the sweaters.

now i hope december will be better than november because november was honestly pretty boring and sort of sucked. and i hope i go away this winter break because i can't spend my holiday here...i need to go somewhere warm or something. 

ahh i don't know what to ask for for hannukah. i was gonna ask for jeffrey campbell litas, but then i realized that i may not wear them to often and maybe i should ask for something more useful. but then i think of what i want and i really have NO idea. and then an idea came up: tickets to somewhere. but that's highly unlikely that my parents will get me plane tickets to australia, fiji, bali, or somewhere cool like that so i see no point in even trying.

if you have any good ideas for me, talk to me! (actually you probably won't comment or anything so i guess there's no point in writing that, but oh well!) xo

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