Saturday, December 10, 2011

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels ~

now a day society is all about appearance.
being someone who definitely loves food, it's disappointing to have to live with this.
i go through every day of my life wondering if i should have that extra cookie, that extra piece of food that i just want because i enjoy eating.
but i want to be skinny...
i want guys to look at me and wonder "damn who's that girl?"
i want to be noticed for once...
is it because i have brown hair and not blond?
is it because you can't see my bones like other girls?
is it because i'm not pretty?
is it because i don't feel like straightening my hair every day and wear it natural?
society created this image that girls have to live up to
this image that guys expect ever girl to look like.
society sucks for doing this.
i want to be appreciated for me
but at the same time, i need to like myself
and the only way to like myself is to look like one of those models or beautiful people.
but it's okay i guess...maybe one day i'll have the traits of these beautiful people..

maybe i should dye my hair blonde?
i don't know...
i just know that no one will be happy with me unless i'm happy with me..
and i'm not.

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