Thursday, December 8, 2011

things that describe my life ~

so...i haven't been on blogspot in such a long time! school's just adding up and i have so much work to do and i decided i would make a post about pictures that pretty much describe my life and how i feel about life

people who care about popularity, fuck off

story of my life

i want a boyfriend and need to know this.

what i aspire to have

paul wesley/sexy men/vampire diaries

beautiful people and pretty mascara

the need to be skinny


beautiful people that i aspire to be

beautiful sexy men i wish i could marry

pretty much my every day story

more sexy people

so, yeah...i hope that you enjoyed all these pictures that describe my life and hopefully i'll be able to come on blogspot more and make up for not posting for a while.. have a great friday and weekend! xo


  1. couldn't relate to this post more.... so spot on haha! xx