Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dream house ~

(photos from tumblr)

when i'm older, i want to live in an apartment in the city. not only that, but i want it to be so fashionable yet simple. i want a minimalistic house. so, white or tan sheets, a lot of light wood, white walls, a pretty view. or, if not in the city...i want to live somewhere warm. miami, florida? either way, i'd have a pool, big house, a lot of white and wood still.
oh and no matter where i live i want a lot of green plants! wow i want my house to just look perfect and beautiful and i want to always love it. not really 100% sure what else, but the photos about really help give an idea of what i'm thinking.
so yeah, i need to redesign my room, so i think i'm going to be orienting it around all of these ideas! i hope it turns out well!

i wish i was artistic ~

(photos from tumblr)

after being an active blogger on tumblr for more than a year now, it has inspired me in different ways. not only through fashion and image, but it changed my perspective on life.

for a while now, i've been wishing the same thing...i wish i was really artistic and an amazing drawer. i wish i could just pull out a pad and start drawing...and it would be amazing. i want to be talented in that way..really badly. it seems like such a perfect life and it would just feel so nice to be able to sketch and draw my feelings and stuff. maybe i can become a person like that one day. just sit down with pencils, pad, eraser, mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate- and possibly a cigarette :o- and just draw what i see or how i feel.

it must be amazing to be able to do what i wish. someone teach me how to draw- well i mean i'm not that bad but i could use improvement! xo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

cheetah ~

so i'm pretty sure animal prints have been a huge in factor this season. considering this and the fact that animal prints are one of the best prints, i decided i need to buy these shoes:

(photos from tumblr)

not only are the shoes something adorable you can wear with many different clothing styles, but i think these sunglasses are to DIE for!

ahh wow they're just too cute!
not only do i really enjoy cheetah print- if that wasn't obvious enough- i really like the snow leopard print thing. i'm getting this snow leopard print scarf for hanukkah- which starts december 20th.

so yeah! i'd definitely say keep buying animal print stuff, because it seems to be something that's not only in style now, but in style most of the time! xo

ysl why do you make such beautiful yet expensive things

helix? cartilage? double? ~

(photos from tumblr and google)

honestly, i think piercings are soo cool. there are so many different kinds, but i mainly only like the simple ones on the ear. and not gauges, actual earrings. 
i really want to get so many done! but i'm wayy to scared to do it, and i hate needles. guns are too dangerous for all the ones i want, so yeah...i'd probably be tramatized or something after needles..or at least after seeing the needle. rishudfjkg, it freaks me out just thinking about it.
but my friend is getting her cartilage pierced soon, so i'll just obsess over hers ;)
if you have one, talk to me! i'd love to hear about it and if it hurts and everything! xo

Monday, November 28, 2011

monday ~

i can already tell that this week is going to be a lloonngg week.
too bad thanksgiving break went by so fast...i could really use another break. 
on the bright side, winter break is coming up- around 21 days i believe- and i might be heading to florida with my friend after christmas!
oh and my ear cuff should be coming this week!! it better arrive soon...
well, i'm going to go do some hard core bio homework, and then most likely make another post tonight- possibly about piercings. xo

Sunday, November 27, 2011

transformers ~

(photo from google)

ever since the first movie, i've been in love with transformers. they always seem to exceed my expectations for a movie, and by the end i'm always satisfied and happy. they give me this feeling of happiness and i don't really know how to explain the feeling..but i just really love the movies and i'd have to say i'm pretty obsessed.
not only am i in love with each and every movie, but the cast is another obsession. shia labeouf and megan fox have to be two people that i've always loved- shia since even stevens and megan since whatever made her famous before. ah he's my like biggest crush (besides ryan gosling) and she's sexy i'm not lesbian, but still, she's beautiful. two people i love being in one movie makes it 100 times better. although i'd have to admit, the third movie with rosie huntington dissapointed me because i loved shia and megan together so it ruined it for me. and i prefer megan over rosie, to be honest. but shia always was sexy and didn't make me upset..just rosie. fuck her. megan is the best.

my goal in life is to be/look like/ have the body of megan fox, and to marry a man like shia labeouf. god i love them both so much...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

diet coke and a smoke? ~

(photos from tumblr)

i think all these photos i come across of people smoking cigarettes are sexy. whether it's ryan gosling, yuri pleskun, or mila kunis i find pictures of people smoking (whether it's cigarettes or weed) so cool. now i'm not saying i want to smoke all the time and get lung cancer, but i'm saying that the pictures of people and models doing it are sick! although the smell seems to really not bother me anymore as it used to when i was younger. anyway, it just really attracts my eye and i find it really interesting.
on my second blog, i tend to reblog pictures of people smoking and such, so if you're into that as well..feel free to check it out and enjoy yourself! xo

ryan gosling= sex god ~

(photos from tumblr)

if i had the option to fuck or marry one actor, ryan gosling would be the man. if you couldn't already tell by the background of my blogspot, i'm in love with ryan gosling. literally, i'm having a relationship with him...well in my head...therefore he has no he breaks my heart with other woman.
anyway, i think he's beautiful and incredibly sexy. he's also the only guy who can actually look sexy with facial hair.
so yeah, i'm gonna marry him one day and we're gonna have children.
god i love him

home? ~

(photo from google)

ever since i was a little girl, i always had this slight obsession for new york city. as i've grown, the obsession has only grown in size, and i absolutely love the city. i take every chance i can to go in..because i live so close..but i seem to never be able to go enough. it's so beautiful, and it just seems like i in a way, belong there. 
so, i went today! unfortunately, i went with my family...therefore i had them annoying me the whole time while i just wanted to roam off and do my own thing. on the bright side, my dad was there...aka money. we went into soho, although i didn't find much...but i did buy a few things!

(me! both from free people, i always seem to find something cute no matter which free people i go to)

so after shopping for a few hours, roaming around with my brother, and just enjoying the city i wish was my home...we went out for dinner. we went to spice market. now, my dad was the only one who has been there before, and he didn't tell us that it was a Moroccan restaurant. my sister and i are both allergic to all i was pretty infuriated. although they do seem to be strict about allergies and will cook stuff without nuts, so i ended up eating some chicken was alright..i guess.

besides all of the family events today, i came to my usual conclusion. as soon as i can move out and live in my own place, i'm moving to manhattan. hopefully some nice apartment in the west or east side of central park...that'd be nice. i'm also going to raise my children in the city, and live happily ever the city. i just can imagine waking up in the morning, looking out my window..and seeing.. a skyscraper. i don't know..some people hate the city. it's one of those things that you either hate or love..and i definitely love it. 
if you're reading this and you live in the city...please adopt me <3 xo

Friday, November 25, 2011

ear cuffs = a must ~

and this is the one that i ordered

after going on tumblr and finding all these pictures on my dashboard of people with ear cuffs, it has inspired me. i am now gonna get like 100 because i think they're just so cool and pretty original- considering it's not that in everywhere, and they aren't sold everywhere in my town.
actually, i ordered an ear cuff online and it shipped out 11/14/11 from vancouver, canada. considering i'm on the east coast, it could take probably a maximum of two weeks, and since thanksgiving holiday has mixed into all of this.. i should be receiving the ear cuff next week! wooohoo! i'm so excited. as soon as i get it i'm gonna take a picture and pretty much wear it ALL the time. i hope it's as cool as it looked...
ideas of any cool ear cuffs (starfish and such)?! xo

forest green is the new black? ~

(photo from tumblr)

i've seen these jackets EVERYWHERE! and i want one sooo bad. i've always liked forest green, and now that it's in style and everyone- at school or around town- have one, i need to go find the perfect jacket. 
i actually think they're beautiful and might i be cocky for a second, i look pretty good in green. well...i just had to mention them and their sudden obsession in the fashion world...or at least my world.
if you have one, tell me where you bought it- for reference! xo

need more rings asap ~

(photos from tumblr)

i feel like rings are one of those things that you can never have enough of. i definitely need to buy more...but i don't know where to go for them. forever 21 is cheap, but they turn your fingers green so there's no point. i don't know...i'll figure it out though.
besides wanting just more rings in general, i want cool rings. ones that are like several  layers, or just ones like in the pictures above.
ahh i love rings! i feel like they're so unique, and they add something extra. whether it's edge, elegance, commitment, or just that little extra touch...rings can always be depended on!

the most beautiful piece of jewelry ~

(photos from tumblr)

when i look at these rings all i think is: why don't i have one? why do they have to be expensive? why does my world cultures teacher have and wear one and i don't!! so it's final..i'm definitely buying one asap. i was gonna ask for one for my birthday, but then i didn't...not sure whether or not i regret it.
if you didn't realize at first glance at the title, or at the pictures...these are YSL rings. if you didn't know what they were before, now you do. and now you're obsessed...just like me.
okay besides me rambling on about how beautiful they are and how i want one...the blue one to be precise, or maybe a pink one...i just needed to post about them because they're literally my life. i obsess over them ALL the time.
so, since i don't want to pay $250 for one, it'd be super sweet if you'd buy me one ;)
going on my christmas list? for sure
if you reading this have to me asap xo

obsession with ink ~

first post on blogspot!

not focusing on her..but the simple heart tattoo on her wrist
(photos from tumblr)

if it wasn't already obvious, i've had this obsession with tattoos...
okay, so recently..well for a few months now...i've grew on the idea of getting a tattoo.
i'm not talking about "sleeves", in which the whole arm has tattoos all over it...but some simple little design that also has meaning to me. maybe a heart, or an infinity sign, or just a circle, possibly a bird, i really like the idea of a feather, also into the idea of something that says "mad world". i don't know why, but i heard that saying once and ever since i've wanted a tattoo saying it.
so hopefully when i get to whatever age you can get a tattoo, i'll think of something simple and meaningful- if i do dare to get one!