Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dream house ~

(photos from tumblr)

when i'm older, i want to live in an apartment in the city. not only that, but i want it to be so fashionable yet simple. i want a minimalistic house. so, white or tan sheets, a lot of light wood, white walls, a pretty view. or, if not in the city...i want to live somewhere warm. miami, florida? either way, i'd have a pool, big house, a lot of white and wood still.
oh and no matter where i live i want a lot of green plants! wow i want my house to just look perfect and beautiful and i want to always love it. not really 100% sure what else, but the photos about really help give an idea of what i'm thinking.
so yeah, i need to redesign my room, so i think i'm going to be orienting it around all of these ideas! i hope it turns out well!

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