Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i wish i was artistic ~

(photos from tumblr)

after being an active blogger on tumblr for more than a year now, it has inspired me in different ways. not only through fashion and image, but it changed my perspective on life.

for a while now, i've been wishing the same thing...i wish i was really artistic and an amazing drawer. i wish i could just pull out a pad and start drawing...and it would be amazing. i want to be talented in that way..really badly. it seems like such a perfect life and it would just feel so nice to be able to sketch and draw my feelings and stuff. maybe i can become a person like that one day. just sit down with pencils, pad, eraser, mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate- and possibly a cigarette :o- and just draw what i see or how i feel.

it must be amazing to be able to do what i wish. someone teach me how to draw- well i mean i'm not that bad but i could use improvement! xo

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