Tuesday, November 29, 2011

helix? cartilage? double? ~

(photos from tumblr and google)

honestly, i think piercings are soo cool. there are so many different kinds, but i mainly only like the simple ones on the ear. and not gauges, actual earrings. 
i really want to get so many done! but i'm wayy to scared to do it, and i hate needles. guns are too dangerous for all the ones i want, so yeah...i'd probably be tramatized or something after needles..or at least after seeing the needle. rishudfjkg, it freaks me out just thinking about it.
but my friend is getting her cartilage pierced soon, so i'll just obsess over hers ;)
if you have one, talk to me! i'd love to hear about it and if it hurts and everything! xo

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