Friday, November 25, 2011

obsession with ink ~

first post on blogspot!

not focusing on her..but the simple heart tattoo on her wrist
(photos from tumblr)

if it wasn't already obvious, i've had this obsession with tattoos...
okay, so recently..well for a few months now...i've grew on the idea of getting a tattoo.
i'm not talking about "sleeves", in which the whole arm has tattoos all over it...but some simple little design that also has meaning to me. maybe a heart, or an infinity sign, or just a circle, possibly a bird, i really like the idea of a feather, also into the idea of something that says "mad world". i don't know why, but i heard that saying once and ever since i've wanted a tattoo saying it.
so hopefully when i get to whatever age you can get a tattoo, i'll think of something simple and meaningful- if i do dare to get one!

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