Friday, November 25, 2011

ear cuffs = a must ~

and this is the one that i ordered

after going on tumblr and finding all these pictures on my dashboard of people with ear cuffs, it has inspired me. i am now gonna get like 100 because i think they're just so cool and pretty original- considering it's not that in everywhere, and they aren't sold everywhere in my town.
actually, i ordered an ear cuff online and it shipped out 11/14/11 from vancouver, canada. considering i'm on the east coast, it could take probably a maximum of two weeks, and since thanksgiving holiday has mixed into all of this.. i should be receiving the ear cuff next week! wooohoo! i'm so excited. as soon as i get it i'm gonna take a picture and pretty much wear it ALL the time. i hope it's as cool as it looked...
ideas of any cool ear cuffs (starfish and such)?! xo

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