Saturday, November 26, 2011

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ever since i was a little girl, i always had this slight obsession for new york city. as i've grown, the obsession has only grown in size, and i absolutely love the city. i take every chance i can to go in..because i live so close..but i seem to never be able to go enough. it's so beautiful, and it just seems like i in a way, belong there. 
so, i went today! unfortunately, i went with my family...therefore i had them annoying me the whole time while i just wanted to roam off and do my own thing. on the bright side, my dad was there...aka money. we went into soho, although i didn't find much...but i did buy a few things!

(me! both from free people, i always seem to find something cute no matter which free people i go to)

so after shopping for a few hours, roaming around with my brother, and just enjoying the city i wish was my home...we went out for dinner. we went to spice market. now, my dad was the only one who has been there before, and he didn't tell us that it was a Moroccan restaurant. my sister and i are both allergic to all i was pretty infuriated. although they do seem to be strict about allergies and will cook stuff without nuts, so i ended up eating some chicken was alright..i guess.

besides all of the family events today, i came to my usual conclusion. as soon as i can move out and live in my own place, i'm moving to manhattan. hopefully some nice apartment in the west or east side of central park...that'd be nice. i'm also going to raise my children in the city, and live happily ever the city. i just can imagine waking up in the morning, looking out my window..and seeing.. a skyscraper. i don't know..some people hate the city. it's one of those things that you either hate or love..and i definitely love it. 
if you're reading this and you live in the city...please adopt me <3 xo

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