Friday, November 25, 2011

the most beautiful piece of jewelry ~

(photos from tumblr)

when i look at these rings all i think is: why don't i have one? why do they have to be expensive? why does my world cultures teacher have and wear one and i don't!! so it's final..i'm definitely buying one asap. i was gonna ask for one for my birthday, but then i didn't...not sure whether or not i regret it.
if you didn't realize at first glance at the title, or at the pictures...these are YSL rings. if you didn't know what they were before, now you do. and now you're obsessed...just like me.
okay besides me rambling on about how beautiful they are and how i want one...the blue one to be precise, or maybe a pink one...i just needed to post about them because they're literally my life. i obsess over them ALL the time.
so, since i don't want to pay $250 for one, it'd be super sweet if you'd buy me one ;)
going on my christmas list? for sure
if you reading this have to me asap xo

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