Sunday, August 19, 2012

~ rent ~

so after watching rent on dvd at least a million times, my friend took me to dinner and the show off-broadway in nyc last night as an early birthday present!

hope you enjoyed those pictures!! ahaha and i obviously wore my babies aka my new shoes, which speaking of my shoes, some women came up to me about and asked me where they were from!

but as a conclusion i'd probably say that i like the movie better just because it's what i've been watching forever and i had such an expectation going into the show, but the show was pretty good as well! i really didn't like roger in the show though, so i guess that's why it wasn't as enjoyable but it was a fun show to see!

~ drowning in fashion ~

okay so let me start off saying that my goal is to somehow get a lot of money and buy nice clothes ugh i'm so obsessed with shopping and clothes WHY DOES IT ALL HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE 

anyways last week or so my friends and i decided to take advantage of the fact that we live so close to nyc so we took the train in to go shopping in soho!! oh and while i was there i met up with natalie aka aka !!!!!
so here's my documenting from the city and then i'll say what i bought and such:

okay so i bought just a regular white T from acne and to be honest if i could make my life into one store it would be acne it's just so nice and wonderful wow i would buy everything there and just live life in ultimate bliss so i took some pictures of myself in the store too it was so cool there was so much glass and stuff and i swear this women next to me was a model and i felt so stupid and gross in comparison to here but idc i wanted to buy everythinggggggggggg
below all the acne obsessing is a picture of me and nat!!!
obviously bought baked by melissa

and i bought a shirt from brandy melville, a shirt from american apparel and lipstick from chanel

the other day i went to nordstroms to do a bit more shopping!
my buys (hah i obviously took pictures):

alright so the first picture i really liked these rag & bone jeans or well leggings? they were wine colored and then had this ombre thing going on in which they faded to black but they were really comfy and i'm considering asking for them for my birthday!
i ended up buying my new babies aka cole haan shoes and i love them so much they're my favorite shoes ever and so comfortable like i would definitely recommend these to everyone wow 
and i bought a rag&bone shirt and a james perse shirt

so overall i'd say my buys have been successful even though i would love to go back into the city and buy more from acne but it'd be useful if i could rack up some money first in order to do that! feel freeeee to comment and tell me what you like that i bought or if you recommend anything to me that i should definitely buy!! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

~cool 75 degrees~

I don't know why but this morning it was really nice so i got dressed and took some pictures of my outfit...ahah wow i'm so awkward but oh welli just wanted to make a post about the nice weather we've been having all of the sudden, and i can't wait for this summer weather!! I have finals in 10 days and then school ends on june 5th, so i can't wait!! i don't have many summer plans but i do have some and i'm super excited! when i'm older though i really want to go on a roadtrip across the us and just have so much fun but i can't drive ughwell i hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far! unfortunately tomorrow is sunday which sucks but oh well. oh and if you ever need music to listen to please click here: it's this playlist i made of a bunch of my favorite songs.enjoy it!!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

and the countdown beings~

Click the song and then proceed :)

alright i decided to play a song because i've enjoyed it for so long and i would love for other people to have some new good songs to listen to! and this song makes me kinda excited for summer... oh so if you have any songs you'd recommend, please take a moment right now to scroll down and give me the link to the youtube or names of them thank you

okay so this blog post today is sort of pointless
i finish school in a month! so excited for it all to be over and summer to be here

so my theme of the day is summer

i'm hoping for a really fun summer filled with a bunch of excitement and stuff. i don't want to sit home and be bored i wanna travel and go places and tan and meet new people and swim and meet some boys and stuff. read a nice book by the ocean and tanning. ugh sounds so ideal right now wow. i just want to have really fun and look back on it saying "that was the best summer yet" because recently i haven't been that able to say that. so anyone have any plans for the summer? counting down the days~~

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Cole Mohr!!♡ ~

alright so i wanted to make a post today and it so happens that it's Cole Mohr's birthday, so i thought: perfect! i'll make it about him.

Cole Mohr is a male model that i've actually been following around (does that make sense...) for maybe a year now. i love what he does and he's also quite the looker! ugh and his tattoos are amazing along with him and he's just so ideal and amazing

he's also quite inspirational i guess i dunno he's from huston, texas and he does some tattoo work himself! so i think that's really cool
i also swear that i saw him on the plane i was on when i went to london in march...i never actually got the guts to ask but i wish i did because it looked just like him and he was on my plane and ugh ok well yeah

ok here's the beauty:

ok well i'm not creepy i'm just fangirling
and i hope he has a great birthday
any other people who are fans of him, feel free to talk to me! x

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

melted phone case?~

let's all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful my melt phone case is i can't believe it came already it's so beautiful i love it so much oh my
if you want a link to order it, talk to me! i'll link you for sure!
i dunno what to do with the other phone case coming though
oh well, hope everyone else had a lovely day!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

seth cohen ♡♡♡

c'mon how do you expect me to do homework when this beauty is just waiting for me to watch it
seriously though i love seth cohen so much he is the perfect ideal man that i want in my life ♡♡♡♡♡
lol i'm supposed to be writing an english paper right now...
oh and my melt phone case should be coming soon!!! i'll be sure to photograph

any other oc fans? feel free to comment ♡♡♡

Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter, passover, iphone case?~

everyone i just ordered this iphone case online and i can't wait for it to come i'm so excited it's so beautiful omg

thank you whoever it was on blogspot that got this case and lead me to it omg i love it omg i can't wait for it to come seriously though i have horrible patience with this stuff

okay well i hope everyone had a happy easter! i wore this today to celebrate

whatever it was really comfy okay
and i think it's an adorable little outfit
and yeah i did instagram it
if you want to follow me on instagram mine is: @rachelconn
seriously do it!!! i'll love you forever!!
oh and happy passover to the jews of you!

alright no school tomorrow yayayya so happy alright love you all!! xx

Monday, April 2, 2012

things i love ~

i actually think that this building is beautiful and perfect in every single way 

i still have an obsession with tattoos, and this picture- whenever i see it- it just i don't know i just really enjoy this picture for some reason

soml soml soml soml soml

why can't people i know be as beautiful as cole mohr :/

i also really love rainy days...we had one here yesterday and it just reminded me of how much i enjoy that type of weather and how i actually really like my region and where i live.

oh i also don't have school friday or monday and i have no idea what to do. i clearly don't have a social life or something so i don't know... i wish some guy liked me. eirudjg why don't people ever have attractions towards me...i don't get it.

idk i feel like i might like someone but i don't think they would ever think of me that way and they're always a dick to me so what's the point of that. and then this other guy idk i feel like it's just wrong if i like him and idk my life sucks ok i'm just gonna go cause i'm just rambling on about my boring life

oh well whatever i guess um that's all i have to say for today

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the babies~

i found these lying around my house last week, and i've been wearing them ever since...
isudjkg i think they're the cutest slippers!!

march vacation ~

wow i haven't been on blogspot in so long! i'm so sorry! i'll post a few things to make up for it today
so i wanted to tell you all about my march vacation!

  • i went to florida for the track trip for spring training for 5 days
  • and i went to london for a week with my friend and her family!
most exciting part of the trip?
  • alright so i was at one of the concession stands in JFK when i saw this beautiful person checking out. he had tattoo's that looked familiar and his face looked like something i've seen before...and i swear it was COLE MOHR. so then i went to the gate to wait for the flight and he was at the same gate!! crazy right? i was so tempted to ask if it was him but my friend was like "who even is cole mohr..what are you talking're so weird don't do it." so i didn't...but i wish i did. 
anyway, so london was a blast and florida was a lot of work, but we got to go to disney 3 times! oh and i was looking at my overview and stuff, and i was shocked to see this:

i can't believe so many people enjoyed this post that i once made! if you want to check it out and add to the pageviews here's the link ;) :

i hope you all like my new layout, feel free to comment and tell me what you think! ah i can't believe it was cole mohr and stuff...and if you are wondering who he is..this is the beauty:

ah why is he so good looking like i don't understanddd

alright so i have to go finish my homework...but be ready for me to post like 10 other things xo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

shopping spree! ~

so i went on a little shopping spree yesterday at lord and taylor! i bought a bunch of cute stuff for spring and summer. if you guys want, i'll post a picture of what i bought tomorrow! well, i'll post pictures anyway cause i'll probably get no replies anyway ;) xx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

old soul ~

i'm stuck on the fact that i think i'm living in the wrong century. if anything, i should be living in the 20's,40's,60's, or 80's. but i just feel like i don't belong in the current one.
everything was so much better back then. real dancing, good music, actual relationships, parties, no electronics, and so much more. you actually had a life back then...
now everything's about hooking up and grinding and getting drunk and dubstep.
i just have so much hate for what the world has become and i hate how it keeps getting worse and worse

~~sorry about the venting, it just bugs me.~~

Sunday, January 8, 2012

docs ~

how could i forget to make a post about my favorite shoes in the whole world!
i got docs last weekend and i'm in love with them and i wear them all the time ahh i love docs
here are my babies: