Saturday, May 19, 2012

~cool 75 degrees~

I don't know why but this morning it was really nice so i got dressed and took some pictures of my outfit...ahah wow i'm so awkward but oh welli just wanted to make a post about the nice weather we've been having all of the sudden, and i can't wait for this summer weather!! I have finals in 10 days and then school ends on june 5th, so i can't wait!! i don't have many summer plans but i do have some and i'm super excited! when i'm older though i really want to go on a roadtrip across the us and just have so much fun but i can't drive ughwell i hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far! unfortunately tomorrow is sunday which sucks but oh well. oh and if you ever need music to listen to please click here: it's this playlist i made of a bunch of my favorite songs.enjoy it!!! 


  1. so cute ! and you have such a perfect body, i'm so jealous.

  2. Very intresting and lovely blog!

    What do u say about following each others blog on Gfc and bloglovin just to stay in contact this way?

    Lots of love,

  3. great look!