Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Cole Mohr!!♡ ~

alright so i wanted to make a post today and it so happens that it's Cole Mohr's birthday, so i thought: perfect! i'll make it about him.

Cole Mohr is a male model that i've actually been following around (does that make sense...) for maybe a year now. i love what he does and he's also quite the looker! ugh and his tattoos are amazing along with him and he's just so ideal and amazing

he's also quite inspirational i guess i dunno he's from huston, texas and he does some tattoo work himself! so i think that's really cool
i also swear that i saw him on the plane i was on when i went to london in march...i never actually got the guts to ask but i wish i did because it looked just like him and he was on my plane and ugh ok well yeah

ok here's the beauty:

ok well i'm not creepy i'm just fangirling
and i hope he has a great birthday
any other people who are fans of him, feel free to talk to me! x

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  1. he is a gift from the gods!