Monday, April 2, 2012

things i love ~

i actually think that this building is beautiful and perfect in every single way 

i still have an obsession with tattoos, and this picture- whenever i see it- it just i don't know i just really enjoy this picture for some reason

soml soml soml soml soml

why can't people i know be as beautiful as cole mohr :/

i also really love rainy days...we had one here yesterday and it just reminded me of how much i enjoy that type of weather and how i actually really like my region and where i live.

oh i also don't have school friday or monday and i have no idea what to do. i clearly don't have a social life or something so i don't know... i wish some guy liked me. eirudjg why don't people ever have attractions towards me...i don't get it.

idk i feel like i might like someone but i don't think they would ever think of me that way and they're always a dick to me so what's the point of that. and then this other guy idk i feel like it's just wrong if i like him and idk my life sucks ok i'm just gonna go cause i'm just rambling on about my boring life

oh well whatever i guess um that's all i have to say for today

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