Sunday, April 1, 2012

march vacation ~

wow i haven't been on blogspot in so long! i'm so sorry! i'll post a few things to make up for it today
so i wanted to tell you all about my march vacation!

  • i went to florida for the track trip for spring training for 5 days
  • and i went to london for a week with my friend and her family!
most exciting part of the trip?
  • alright so i was at one of the concession stands in JFK when i saw this beautiful person checking out. he had tattoo's that looked familiar and his face looked like something i've seen before...and i swear it was COLE MOHR. so then i went to the gate to wait for the flight and he was at the same gate!! crazy right? i was so tempted to ask if it was him but my friend was like "who even is cole mohr..what are you talking're so weird don't do it." so i didn't...but i wish i did. 
anyway, so london was a blast and florida was a lot of work, but we got to go to disney 3 times! oh and i was looking at my overview and stuff, and i was shocked to see this:

i can't believe so many people enjoyed this post that i once made! if you want to check it out and add to the pageviews here's the link ;) :

i hope you all like my new layout, feel free to comment and tell me what you think! ah i can't believe it was cole mohr and stuff...and if you are wondering who he is..this is the beauty:

ah why is he so good looking like i don't understanddd

alright so i have to go finish my homework...but be ready for me to post like 10 other things xo

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