Sunday, November 27, 2011

transformers ~

(photo from google)

ever since the first movie, i've been in love with transformers. they always seem to exceed my expectations for a movie, and by the end i'm always satisfied and happy. they give me this feeling of happiness and i don't really know how to explain the feeling..but i just really love the movies and i'd have to say i'm pretty obsessed.
not only am i in love with each and every movie, but the cast is another obsession. shia labeouf and megan fox have to be two people that i've always loved- shia since even stevens and megan since whatever made her famous before. ah he's my like biggest crush (besides ryan gosling) and she's sexy i'm not lesbian, but still, she's beautiful. two people i love being in one movie makes it 100 times better. although i'd have to admit, the third movie with rosie huntington dissapointed me because i loved shia and megan together so it ruined it for me. and i prefer megan over rosie, to be honest. but shia always was sexy and didn't make me upset..just rosie. fuck her. megan is the best.

my goal in life is to be/look like/ have the body of megan fox, and to marry a man like shia labeouf. god i love them both so much...

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