Thursday, December 1, 2011

miley cyrus ~

(ahh look how beautiful she is, like whaattttt. photos from tumblr)

okay seriously all these people hate on miley for one of the following: 
1. because she left hannah montana
2. because she's growing up
3. because she smoked weed

now let's be honest here. miley cyrus is what, 19 years old almost? i think she has the right to do whatever the fuck she wants. just because she's a celebrity it shouldn't make her different from other people. she left hannah montana so that should could be who she wants and not influence other kids by it- since she isn't as big of an idol now that she's not on disney channel every day. and just because she's a celebrity she shouldn't not be aloud to smoke a bong or pot or whatever. there are MILLIONS of people who do every day, and it shouldn't make a huge difference if she does. i think she's so inspirational. whether it's the clothes she wears (ah she has such amazing style) or anything else..i just love her.

all you miley haters can go choke on a dick. if you love her, i love you! ;) xo

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