Saturday, December 10, 2011

it's about variety ~

there's a kid in one of my classes who said he doesn't like it possible?
music is something indescribable. i want to say it's my life, because it pretty much is, but it also gives me these feelings. depending on what song i'm listening to i can be happy..sad...mad..excited and all these other emotions.
but i'm not one of those girls who listen to those stupid top 20 songs on itunes. i actually find my own music, i love boy bands, i love all these old bands or solo artists. i absolutely despise people who only listen to all those over played songs about the same thing.
don't know why, but i felt it necessary to make a post about this and how music pretty much saves my life.
good taste in music? feel free to talk to me ;) and feel free to please comment some good songs that you recommend! xo

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