Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas and a happy hanukkah! ~

merry christmas everyone! and i hope for you jewish people, you're having a happy hanukkah! i hope it's all been great and you received the presents you asked santa for ;)

so far i've gotten:
from my grandma: this pretty animal print scarf, gloves, $30
from my parents: 10 lottery tickets- i won $, and i'm receiving an iphone soon (i celebrate both holidays, so i don't mind getting it a few days later than christmas), and books. i'm also gonna go shopping soon or get some clothes online
from my aunt and uncle: amazon gift card...
rude that my other relatives didn't bother with anything...oh well
i'm pretty happy with all my presents. i definitely feel fortunate enough to get them because there are kids out there who don't have the same privilege as's a shame they don't get presents or anything.

feel free to comment and tell me what you got from your family/friends!
have a good december break everyone!

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