Sunday, December 25, 2011

i just want to travel the world ~

if i had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be wanderlust. honestly, all i want to do in life is travel the world. i think it's just so interesting and i'm missing out on so much by not traveling enough. the problem? money. my parents never feel like paying for plane tickets or anything. for hanukkah/christmas i asked for plane tickets to australia or somewhere in europe, but nope. not getting those. they refused. so, i have the chance to do one of these cross-country summer trip things. and pretty much all my choices are in australia/figi, africa, spain, hawaii, ecuador/galapagos but good luck paying for those mom and dad. no, i don't feel like staying here my whole life, i want to travel the world and see everything that i'm missing out on that's beautiful because there's just so much out there that i don't get to see. i know i'm rambling, but it's honestly my passion. if i could live in another country, i would in a heartbeat. hmm, maybe i'll do a roadtrip with my friends one summer once we can drive. that'd be so fun, now that i think about it! and when i graduate from college and that's so many years..i'm either getting a job involving traveling or just doing it on my own because it's all i really want to do with life. it frustrates me that my parents don't appreciate this stuff like i do and they don't feel like visiting other places like i do. but i guess that's just something i have to learn to live with and later in life be able to say "fuck it" to and do whatever i want. the u.s. sucks. i want to be in some cool country that isn't labeled as obese people that are stupid. oh well...thats all i can say.
if you live in some cool country that's not america, comment where you live cause i'm definitely jealous!

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