Saturday, December 3, 2011

weekend ~

i don't feel like finding pictures and blogging about some person i'm obsessed with so i'll talk about my day and overall weekend. well, today i went to bloomingdales with my mom, grandma, and sister..woohooo girls day. i ended up buying a free people jacket- clearly i'm obsessed with free people. i then went to my friend emily's house and we hung out. so yeah, it was a pretty productive day i guess.

oh boy, tomorrow's sunday...i hate sundays. besides them meaning that school's the next day, i also have TONS of homework to do. i have a paragraph for a powerpoint to write, an essay, studying for tests/quizes, and just regular homework. oh and a huge test review- thank you science! so i'm going to have to wake up early and get on that as soon as possible.

oh and on friday i hung out with emily and ali and we watched friends with benefits. that movie is so good!! well i mean, i don't really think that the movie itself was really too great, but the actors. mila kunis and justin timberlake are both people that i love immensely, so them in one movie was just GREAT! i also watched monte carlo...that movie sucked. ahaha wow i should really get a life or hang out with guys or something. i want a boyfriend so bad... anyway. yeah. i guess my weekend was okay.. school's just really stressing me out recently and i need winter break.

speaking of winter break, i'm not sure if i should go to california or florida. if i go to california i'm going to be visiting my aunt, uncle, and favorite little cousin. i don't think we'd be in southern california like usual though...we'd be in some beautiful northern california place. and if i go to florida i think i'd be going to miami and stuff with my friend and possibly her i don't know what to do.

i also don't know what to ask for for hanukkah! should i get a fish eye lens? or like clothes? or money? or something else? shoes? i have no idea! my parents won't get me plane tickets to anywhere cool- australia, bali, figi, london, spain or anything so i have no idea what to ask for! 

oh well i'm just going to stop rambling and get an early sleep. well i mean...11:21 isn't early but yeah. all this darkness happening so early has been really getting me tired lately and i really need to catch up on my sleep that i miss out on all week. goodnight! xo

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